Welcome to my new author site!

I will be sharing my works in progress, updates and musings here.  I hope you enjoy what you will be reading.

A little about me…first and foremost, I’m Mom to two beautiful, smart and funny preteen girls.  That alone provides much fodder for the blog feeds! I also spent 11 years teaching in public education, 4 years as a second grade teacher, 6 as a Gifted & Talented Specialist and one as an 8th grade American History teacher.  I loved my students as if they were my own and hope that I made some impact in their lives.  Thanks to Facebook, I’m friends with a great many of my former students!

Besides writing, I’ currently teaching several preschool classes for homeschool students and a logic class for the older set.  These classes also give me a chance to try out my picture book story ideas on real, live children.

Currently, I am working on a  middle grades novel based on the American Revolution.  I’ve also got several picture books I’m working on.   I’m also compiling research   for a new middle grade novel based on one of my ancestors who was accused of being a witch!

So, as you can see I’ve got quite a few irons in the fire.  I hope that you will keep visiting to see what kinds of challenges I’ve taken on now!


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