Writing Ain’t Easy

I’ve always written in one form or fashion.  In high school, I was the weird kid who loved writing research papers.  I wrote stories about my friends. Don’t worry, I’d NEVER publish those!  And now, I’m putting my years as an educator to good use and writing for kids.

The idea generation and writing is easy, it’s everything else that leads up to publication that is hard.  Editing, finding beta readers, finding editors, pitching your manuscript…

It’s the business side that scares the bejezus out of me!

Am I following submission guidelines, how’s my query letter, do I have enough manuscripts to show a publisher or agent?  Heck do I need to try and find an agent who will represent me?

Then there’s the whole self publication route.  I’m no graphic designer, so where do I find one who can illustrate my manuscript?  What program is best to use for self publication?  How do you set the price?  Is self-publication a better choice these days?  What about promoting your book?  If you self publish,  how to you promote your work?

Then add in all the self doubt.  Are my words good enough?  I’m scared to have someone read my work at this point.  It’s so personal.  I feel like I’ve poured part of myself into my work and now someone is going to rip it to shreds.  Can my fragile ego withstand it?

Yes, it can because I need to write.  If someone doesn’t like my words, I can revise them.  I can find other readers to see if the negative was just a personal preference.  The more I write, the better I get.  I’m studying and learning about not just writing, but the whole craft.  I will get better and one of these days, you will see my name on the shelves of your bookstore and library!

And now, a cute picture of my pup Max, who will be the protagonist in my next book.


cut Max photo IMG_5173_zpsrw5ki6d3.jpg

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