The Book that Matters Most

If you are like me, I can reflect on the stages of my life in the books.    Books have helped me get through heartaches, loneliness, and times of uncertainty.  They have a way of meaning different things to you at different times in your life.

I just read The Book That Matters Most by Ann Hood.  I could NOT put this book down.  I read it in under 24 hours, it’s that good!  The main character, Ava is getting over the heartache of divorce after 25 years of marriage.  Her two children, Will, the golden child, and Maggie, the wild child are both living over seas.

Ava has been begging her friend Cate, a librarian, to let her join her book club.  When a spot opens up, Ava is both excited and afraid to reenter a life of her own.  With trepidation, she attends her first book club meeting only to find out that the next years theme will be books that matter the most to you.  The titles chosen range from Slaughterhouse-Five to Sense and Sensibility.  Ava chooses a book titled From Here to Clare that carried her through the tragic death of her younger sister and mother in the same year.

The book  club and the titles they read carry Avar through a new rollercoaster ride when her daughter Maggie, who is suppose to be in school in Italy, ends up in Paris, addicted to drugs  and bouncing from bad relationship to bad relationship.

A trip to Paris has Ava discovering the truth about her mother and finding her daughter is on the path to recovery.

This book is about how important books are.  Not only to transport us to new worlds, but to help us discover who we are. What books matter most to you?

 photo TheBookThatMattersMost1_zpstgjpzwcl.jpg

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