Halloweensie Contest

If you haven’t heard of it already, author Susanna Hill is again holding her annual Halloweensie writing contest.  All you have to do is write a 100 word story using three key words.  Sounds easy.  Right?

Nope.  Not easy!  At least for me.  Keeping something at 1oo words or under was quite a challenge.  But, once I pared things down, I actually completed the challenge!

Take a look at my story below.  Any critiques are welcome. The good, bad or ugly!

At first, I was stuck for an original idea.  You know, “it was a dark and stormy night” kind of stuck. But then I started talking with my kids about their great-grandmother, who I called Mimi.  They never knew her, but she was a strong independent woman of the Great Depression.   She lived in the house my grandfather built for them until her death.

Her home on Jack Street has  passed through several owners.  There are stories around our small town that she haunts the house.  Stories of cabinets opening.  Things flying out of the kitchen cabinets.  The smell of baking bread or chocolate chip cookies.  Sounds of footsteps on the hardwood floors.  Stories that she is angry someone is living in her house.

We spent many hours in her kitchen, she was always cooking.    I remember her always baking her prize winning pecan pie for Thanksgiving dinner, or her warm chocolate chip cookies. I loved sitting at her old blue Formica table eating coffee cake while she drank her coffee and chatting about what’s going on. The kitchen truly was the heart of her home.  If she is still in her home on Jack Street, it makes sense that she would be most active in the kitchen.

So, my story evolved into one about my grandmother and the possibility of her still being in the house on Jack Street.  Without further ado…The House on Jack Street.

              I opened the creaking door to the house on Jack Street and peered in.  It was exactly as I remembered.  I chose Halloween night to visit in the hopes that the ghost would make herself known.

               It appeared that the only residents in the house were the spiders who had decorated with their gossamer webs. 

               The kitchen was where the female specter was seen most often.  The moon was shining through the window highlighting the old Formica table.  I sat at a kitchen chair and waited. 

               A cold wind blew through the house and she appeared.

               “Grandma! I’ve missed you!”


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