Are you participating in Tara Lazar’s PiBoldMo  Storystorm?

If you aren’t and are a writer, you should be!

Storystorm helps and encourages you to come up with 30 story ideas in 30 days.  You also get 30 great posts by published authors and illustrators.  Today is only day 5, but wow, what great inspiration and advice!

Today’s post is by author-illustrator Dan Moynihan.  dan-mMy take-away from his message is “Ideas and stories take shape through action.”  I think this is universal, not just for writers or illustrators.  You can apply it to any area of your life.  Nike puts it as “Just do it.”  If we do nothing, nothing will ever happen.  We are the captains of our own ships and if we want to find the buried treasure, you can’t just drift in the middle of the ocean.  You’ve got to weather a few storms and dig a few holes.  (That’s Julie’s wisdom! LOL!)

I’m making 2017 my year of action.

I will submit this year!

What action are you going to take this year?

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