It’s a Brave New World

As a former educator and aspiring children’s author, I still believe my mantra of “Knowledge is Power.”

I am always trying to better myself and my craft. In today’s technological world, it is much easier to find classes, webinars, self-paced courses and a myriad of other types of education that may not be available in your neck of the woods. I’ve participated in videotaped webinars, live Facebook chats, Skyped courses, and self-paced courses. One thing I’ve learned, is that the KidLit community is the most generous group of people.

To pass on that generosity, I wanted to compile a list of courses for you. I’m sure many of them you are familiar with. If I have not listed one you know about, please share it with us in the comments.

WOW Nonficpic – led by Nonfiction author Kristen Fulton (This begins on Monday, July 10 so if you are interested better sign up quick!) I’ll be there!
Nonfiction Archaeology – also led by Kristen Fulton; 4 week course in July and October. (I’m signed up for October!!)

KidLit College – Agent/ Author Jodell Sadler has created a community of authors, agents, editors and illustrators who present webinars. I’ve learned a great deal by participating in KidLit College.

Story Teller Academy – Author/ Illustrator Arree Chung (NINJA!) has created a wonderful community of published and aspiring children’s writers. He takes you from idea generation to the business of publishing.

Picture Book Blueprints – created by Laura Backes, one of the best-known children’s writing teachers and her husband, Jon Bard. Blueprints is an online guide to the wiring process that leads you step by step to ensure that your story is the best it can be.

12X12 Challenge – Author Julie Hedlund has created a wonderful community for writers of all levels. With the challenge to create a manuscript a month, monthly webinars, forums, and monthly author blog posts it is a wealth of information!

Picture Book Summit -Picture Book Summit is a world-class online conference for picture book writers and illustrators.

I know that I am leaving off a number of other resources, but my brain is on overload! If I left of a resource that you think I need to add, please leave it in the comments!
Happy writing!

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