A lemming is a small, cute, little rodent that is found on the tundra in the Arctic. So what does the lemming have to do with writing you ask?   Quite a bit, if you follow along with my crazy thread!

Please hear me out before you quit following my blog.

As writers, we may see a trend in what is being published. and it is natural to want to ride that trend.  For example, the very successful Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling. When “the boy sorcerer” hit the shelves, it was an instant success.  What followed in the publishing industry?  Everyone was searching for their Harry Potter.  A gazillion other variations on the theme came to life.  Were any of these of the caliber of Rowling’s creation?  In my humble opinion, NO.  These authors (I’m sure they are fabulous writers) were overshadowed by Harry Potter. 


Isn’t he cute!

So what does this have to do with lemmings, Julie? 

We’ve all heard the stories of lemmings leaping off of the cliff as they blindly follow their migrating group. My point is, don’t be a lemming.  Do pick a trend and write to it.  Once your story gets out there, the trend will be over and something else will be on the top of the charts. 

As writers, we HAVE to be true to ourselves.  Write what you love.  Write what you know.  Your heart and passion will show through. If it’s good and you’ve put in the work necessary, it will show.

So, don’t follow the trend over the cliff like a lemming. 

(BTW, did you know that lemmings really DON’T leap off of cliffs and commit mass suicide?  It’s a total misconception that was faked in a documentary by Disney in the 1950’s!)

Here is a darling story featuring Lemmings. One lemming just doesn’t fit in and follow the crowd. This week’s Master Study is of LEAPING LEMMINGS by John Briggs and illustrated by Nicola Slater.

Leaping Lemmings

You can find a blank Master Study form here.

See you on the shelves!


Leaping Lemmings

3 thoughts on “Leaping Lemmings

  1. Love this analogy! Lately, the understanding that I have to write whats authentic to me has been on the front of my brain. I’m trying to follow that as I write/edit/query. Thanks for the adorable reminder my friend!


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